insurance brokers sdn. bhd.

International Insurance Brokers & Consultants


  • Providing professional advices on all insurance related matter.
  • Representing client legally.
  • Registered and Licensed under Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Uphold and abide by the rules of Insurance Act 1996.
  • Not tied to any Insurance Company.
  • Continuity in insurance business.
  • Qualified and Professional compulsory to have a "Professional Indemnity" insurance cover.
  • Brokers were given a license specially to provide insurance services.
  • With the technical expertise, Brokers are able to handle and manage high and large risks insurance coverage.


  • Selling insurance for Insurance Company
  • Representing Insurance Company
  • Self/Own Company only Registered with Register Of Companies
  • Tied up with only two (2) Insurance Companies by Agency Agreement
  • Because its self/own Company status, the continuity in insurance business will be affected if the agent closed his business
  • As an Agent, they only need to sit for "Insurance Proficiency" examination no Indemnity Insurance cover
  • For an Agent, insurance business is mainly their side business
  • Based on the above, Agent have very limited expertise to manage high and large risks insurance