insurance brokers sdn. bhd.

International Insurance Brokers & Consultants


  1. Protac is a licensed Insurance Broker by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and regulated under Insurance Act 1996. It is also a mandatory requirement to be a members of Insurance Brokers Association of Malaysia (IBAM).

  2. Protac will provide continuity expert advice and services without bias to any insurance companies. We all legally obliged to act in the interest of the client and maintain an extremely objective and independent position in performing our duties.

  3. Protac will not charge the client for the expert advice and services provided, instead we will get the brokerage fee from the relevant insurance company. The cost of premium coverage via Protac is normally cheaper and competitive because we get it through by bulk purchase.

  4. Protac has a team of Qualified and Experienced staff in insurance industries to provide the professional advice and services on risk management, broking consultant, analyze client' exact requirements and obtain the best terms to meet their needs.

  5. Protac will ensure the client were cover with full maximum protection and indemnifying against loss and damage which may affect the financial stability and continued operation of the company when losses can be colossal.
  6. Protac could provide a team of specialists with the assistance of our international based associates Brokers to have effected insurance programme for some of the largest corporate insurance buyers, particularly in the areas of large corporation operation including provision of risk, captive management and reinsurance placement.

  7. Protac as an insurance broker is covered by 'Professional Indemnity' insurance of RM 500,000.00 as compulsory under the Insurance Act. With that its provides ease of mind to our customers when liasing with us as they have recourse against us under this special insurance in the event of professional negligence i.e any mistakes/problems occurring due to our staffs negligence in disseminating advice and opinion.