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  • Fire 
  • Consequential Loss
  • Industrial All Risks


Loss or damage to the property insured caused by Fire Lightning and optional additional perils eg: Aircraft damage, Impact Damage, Explosion, Flood, Windstorm, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption etc. 

Fire Consequential Loss 

Covers loss of profits and/or increased cost of working, due to interruption the business caused by fire (material damage) and interruption of trading which follows the damage such as additional expenditure. The policy pays such expenses to reduce turnover during the interruption period. 

Industrial All Risks 

Cover industrial risks against accidental & Physical loss and the consequential loss of business interruption/interference, within the geographical area. 

General Accident 

  • All Risks Personal Insurance
  • All Risks Commercial Insurance
  • Equipment All Risks
  • Burglary Insurance
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Money Insurance
  • Plate Glass

All Risks Personal Insurance 

Covers loss or accidental damage to personal items i.e Personal Computers, lap tops, cameras, cam-coders etc. 

All Risks Commercial Insurance 

Covers static machines and equipment used in office, shops, or factories for risks of loss or damage arising from fire and various perils like flood, windstorm etc. 

Equipment All Risks 

Cover loss or damage to equipment, accidental collision or overturning or collision overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown or wear and tear, fire or external explosion or self ignition or lightning, burglary/housebreaking or theft. Cover can be granted only to self-propelled equipment which are not licensed for public roads i.e tractors, cranes, forklift etc. 

Fidelity Guarantee 

Covers an employers against all direct pecuniary loss (not exceeding the amount of guarantee) resulting form absconment by their employees in the course of normal business transaction. 

Money Insurance 

Covers loss or money to any business resulting from burglary or robbery, within the premises or whilst in transit. 

Plate Glass Insurance 

Cover breakage of any glass specifically described in the schedule including any writing or ornamentation thereon if included to the extent of the replacement value of the glass broken. 

Burglary Insurance 

Cover loss of the Insured property in the insured premises by theft by forcible & violent entry & exit and/or following assault or violence or threat to insured & his employees. Covers damage to the Insured’s premises arising from the occurrence of theft.