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1. Note the following for the third party vehicle:

- registration numbers
- model/type/colour
- owner's name/address/contact no.

2. Note the names/addresses/contact no. of the independent witnesses.

3. Do not pay any money to third party without Insurer's consent.

4. Report to the police within 24 hours of accident. Get the police report as soon as possible.

5. Inform Broker/Insurer of the incident - provide details on circumstances, nature and extent of loss/damage. If police report is ready, provide a copy of the report too. Provide copy of summonses, any correspondence received from the police.

6. Remove and send car to Insurer's panel of authorized workshop.

7. Provide the following documents to Broker/Insurer:

- Claim Form duly completed and signed
- Police Report
- Insured's IC and Driving license
- Driver's IC and Driving license
- Copy of registration card
- Copy of road tax disc

Third Party Claims

1. Obtain the Police Investigation results and sketch plan.

2. Obtain copy of the third party's Police Report.

3. Notify third party in writing of intention to claim. Advise him to notify his Insurer.

4. Submit these documents to Broker/third party Insurer:

- repair costs and claim for loss of use
- adjuster's report and fees
- police reports (both parties)
- Copy of own policy
- other supporting documents  

The above serves only as a guide and should not be taken as a definitive procedure. The requests for documentation may be more extensive than provided here, depending on the claims scenario.

Do consult your Broker for further advice/details.