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  1. Report to the police within 24 hours of incident. Get the police report as soon as possible. In the event of fire, call the Fire Brigade immediately and also mobilize in-house fire-fighting team (if any) to control/put out fire.

  2. Take necessary actions to control/prevent/minimize further losses/damage.

  3. Inform Broker/Insurer of the incident - provide details on circumstances, nature and extent of loss/damage. If police report is ready, provide a copy of the report too.

  4. If the Insurer has appointed an adjuster to conduct further investigation, please extend full co-operation to him. Preserve any evidence of loss/damage for his investigation/survey.

  5. Provide the following documents to Broker/Insurer :
  • Claim Form duly completed and signed
  • Original/Certified true copy Police Report
  • Fire Brigade Report (applicable for claims due to fire)
  • Photographs of the damage
  • Statement of claim/summary of losses
  • Original invoices/purchase receipts of damaged items
  • Original quotations/invoices for repairs/replacements of damaged items
  •  Plans of the premises/site (for fire claims)